Expand Innovative Practices That Are Working


L.A. is currently home to many outstanding schools and programs that are setting a gold standard for excellence. These innovative and evidence-based practices should be understood and replicated to allow more students and families to benefit and improve outcomes across the cradle-to-career continuum.


A. Embrace and replicate models of high-quality, collaborative, inclusive and innovative schools, including: expanded school-based management model schools (ESBMM), pilot schools, magnet schools, charter schools and Local Initiative Schools. Extend their best practices to all LAUSD schools.


B. Support innovative or evidence-based strategies that bolster quality early education programs.


C. Continue to provide resources, staffing and joint leadership for the Los Angeles School Development Institute (LASDI), an entity established collaboratively by L.A. Compact partners in 2009 to provide tailored support for school teams in designing and operating high performing schools through the Public School Choice initiative.


D. Support United Way of Greater Los Angeles and LAUSD in their efforts to inform and empower the greater school community.


E. Provide continuing input regarding the Local School Stabilization and Empowerment Initiative of 2011 between United Teacher Los Angeles (UTLA) and LAUSD.  Work collaboratively with the Local Options Oversight Committee to provide schools with holistic and quality support.

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