Stewardship Group

Established: 2008  |  Convened by: UNITE-LA


The L.A. Compact Stewardship Group is comprised of senior staff and deputies representing the L.A. Compact signers. Members serve as stewards of the larger community interest and serve the L.A. Compact’s broader collective vision.


Roles of the L.A. Compact Stewardship Group:


Common Agenda

  • Identify challenges in education, workforce development, and  other public systems and develop joint solutions to improve coordination and service delivery that will advance the collective vision and 3 Goals of the L.A. Compact:
  1. All students graduate from high school
  2. All students have access to and are prepared for success in college
  3. All students have access to pathways to sustainable jobs and careers


  • Review and revise the L.A. Compact’s big goals and collaborative strategies as appropriate to ensure continued relevancy in shifting contexts
  • Identify a priority list of “sub-goals” and strategies that will contribute significantly to the L.A. Compact’s 3 Big Goals and improved student outcomes.

Shared Measurement

  • Regularly measure progress of the L.A. Compact partners’ collective impact in achieving the 3 Goals by:
    • Assessing the continued validity of metrics as predictors of student outcomes
    • Advancing improved data collection and sharing between partners
    • Identifying new joint metrics of success as appropriate
    • Utilizing data indicators to assess progress and need for collaborative action
    •  Cultivating alignment between measurable objectives identified by individual workgroups and the Compact’s broader joint metrics of success

Mutually Reinforcing Activities

  • Identify emerging opportunities for collaborative action to improve student outcomes along the cradle to career continuum
  • Support the development and actionable strategies of collaborative work groups within the L.A. Compact “constellation”, including the creation of a formal description of how work group activities and strategies advance measurable goals.
  • Regularly update and track progress of institutional commitments outlined in the L.A. Compact partnership

Continuous Communication

  • Share institutional priorities and progress with other L.A. Compact partners to inform collective action
  • Stay informed of activities of the L.A. Compact workgroups to identify additional opportunities for alignment
  • Develop strong group dynamics for collaborative decision-making by ensuring continuity of representation on the Stewardship Group and attendance at meetings

Convening Support

  • Pursue joint funding opportunities to advance collaborative strategies
  • The Compact Stewardship Group will be convened by UNITE-LA
  • Guide the L.A. Compact in prioritizing strategies for collaborative action while assessing feasibility of new initiatives and building convening capacity
  • Assess the L.A. Compact’s success in creating momentum among partners towards a positive common agenda

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