Coordinate Advocacy on Policy and Funding


L.A. would benefit from having “one voice” when advocating at the state and federal level on issues impacting young people from cradle to career in our region.


A. Build on the successes of the L.A. Compact Joint Advocacy Workgroup established in spring 2009, to continue advocating on issues of mutual concern, such as:

      • Equitable and expanded funding through revenue-generating measures with commensurate accountability for all L.A. public schools, early childhood education and higher education.
      • Relief from state and federal mandates and regulations that require specific uses of funds.
      • Policies that mitigate barriers to collaboration between and among L.A. Compact partners.
      • Policies that support streamlined linkages between early childhood, K-12 and higher education, and that  support high-quality early childhood education environments.
      • Effective policy that advances education and workforce development both statewide and nationally on a spectrum that includes early education, K-12, higher education and workforce.

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