About the Dashboard


The L.A. Compact is a bold commitment to close the education and workforce gaps caused by systemic inequities and racism. Our collective actions nurture local talent and ensure that every child and youth in L.A. County is prepared to be a lifelong learner. Central to our vision is the use of data to better understand where the opportunities and gaps currently exist in our education and workforce development systems.

In addition to providing context, our new data dashboard – Charting Progress Towards L.A. Compact Goals – will be a vehicle to help us track progress towards our common agenda. The dashboard builds upon our previous measures reports and includes a set of new indicators carefully selected by the L.A. Compact Data Work Group. As part of our commitment to advancing equity, indicators will be disaggregated, when possible, by race and ethnicity, gender, income levels, and foster youth status. L.A. Compact partners commit to sharing and regularly using data to ensure that every part of the cradle-to-career system has the capacity, tools, and resources necessary to create the conditions, both in and outside of the classroom, that will enable all children and youth to realize their full potential and succeed in a 21st century global workforce.




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