Ensure Support Services for All Students and Families


To be successful, families and communities must be an integral part of a student’s education. Students must feel safe, secure and supported in order to learn and succeed.


A. Around high-need schools, identify gaps and align community collaboratives to support students and families.

      • Strategically link City and County departments to provide coordinated services to schools, including after-school, extracurricular activities, financial literacy, library usage/sharing, traffic safety, bus stops and other services.
      • Increase the investment by other civic and community resources in the identified high-need communities.


B. Partner with local community-based organizations to launch a parent engagement campaign that will help increase the capacity of parents to support their children’s educational achievements.


C. Develop a plan to track safety data at targeted campuses in a timely manner to ensure that schools provide a safe and secure learning environment.

      • Support schools in developing and implementing a student discipline policy that is aligned to the Discipline Foundation Policy and addresses prevention, intervention and alternatives to suspension strategies.


D. Invest in programs to minimize gang involvement and activities on campus and link the work in the City’s Gang Reduction Zones to school sites. Continuing goals include:

      • Ensure that every school in a Gang Reduction Zone has a safety collaborative.
      • Ensure that every school in a Gang Reduction Zone has a representative on the Gang Reduction & Youth Development (GRYD) Zone Advisory Committee.
      • Sign formal memoranda of understanding with prevention and intervention providers.
      • Sign formal memoranda of understanding for assessing students and sharing data between the gang reduction teams and LAUSD regarding prevention and intervention.
      • Assure that all GRYD zones receive research information on the risk factors linked to placing youth at the highest levels of risk for joining gangs.
      • Begin implementation of Phase I, a three-year plan to establish safe passages in every GRYD zone.


E. Provide comprehensive support for the development of the whole child utilizing strategies like health access, home visitation, and other collaborative initiatives.


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