Institutions of Higher Education Collaborative



Established: 2008 | Convened by: UNITE-LA

The Institutions of Higher Education Collaborative (IHE Collaborative) is a regional consortium of 12 independent colleges and universities based in the greater Los Angeles area that share a commitment to improving educational outcomes for L.A.’s youth.  As signatories of the L.A. Compact, the IHE Collaborative member institutions work together to advance the three goals of the L.A. Compact: that all students graduate from high school, that all students have access to and are prepared for success in college, and that all students have access to pathways to sustainable jobs and careers. 

In accordance with these goals, the IHE Collaborative has agreed upon a robust set of collaborative strategies and institutional commitments and has established a Steering Committee to drive decision-making and planning.  

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The IHE Collaborative currently has two working groups:


Los Angeles Educator Pathways Partnership (LAEPP)

Established: 2010 | Convened by: UNITE-LA, LAUSD, IHE Collaborative

The Los Angeles Educator Pathways Partnership is a unique collaboration between the L.A. Compact, its Institutions of Higher Education Collaborative, and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).  The partners share a common goal of supporting all students in LAUSD to graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college and careers.  To that end, the parties have agreed to work together to investigate best practices and drive continuous improvement in teacher preparation programs to enhance student learning in LAUSD.  To learn more about LAEPP, click here


Student Success Workgroup

Launching: 2016 | Convened by: UNITE-LA

In order to focus on increasing post-secondary access and success in the Los Angeles region, the L.A. Compact is re-launching its Student Success Workgroup.  The group will focus on identifying a shared vision for student success that cuts across differences in institutional missions, setting regional targets for post-secondary completion, identifying student success indicators to measure progress toward meeting regional targets, and examining institutional policies and practices that facilitate student success.  To learn more about the Student Success Workgroup, click here







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