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In 2018, four out of 10 Black and Latinx students in L.A. County had not enrolled in college one year after high school graduation – that’s nearly 32,000 students of color each year who are not on a path to earn a degree that increases their employability, their income and their upward mobility.

That was before COVID-19. On top of all the traditional barriers to higher education access and persistence, aspiring and current college students in 2020 are wrestling with questions like:


Should I defer my college plans until COVID-19 is over?

How do I stay motivated and focused in Zoom University?


How do I get help managing feelings of isolation and the loss of loved ones?

How do I balance my college education with the financial needs of my family?



The L.A. Compact has partnered with SoCal CAN and Let's Go To College California to launch Let's Go To College Los Angeles, the regional focus of the statewide campaign, prioritizing the needs of historically underserved students in the L.A. region to support them on their journey to pursue higher education.

Let's Go To College L.A.:

  • Values and elevates the voices of students to provide encouragement and advice to their peers
  • Empowers college-bound and current college students with timely resources through a social media campaign, the statewide student-led resource hub and a series of virtual peer-to-peer workshops
  • Is a collaborative effort by L.A. regional college access and equity organizations, school districts, higher education institutions and civic leaders to increase college access AND persistence, amidst a global pandemic.











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Partners have access to the Let's Go To College LA social media kit, outreach guidelines and messaging platform, and are able to:

  • Easily share information with your student networks
  • Create materials to share widely on the Let's Go To College CA resource portal and across partner networks
  • Have access to graphics, statements and design materials to share related content
  • Help design and lead workshops for students

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Questions? Contact Adam Gottlieb at [email protected].



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