Streamline and Decentralize Operations


Individual schools and the greater school community – administrators, teachers, parents, school staff, community members and students – should have increased authority to make decisions about what is best for students. Greater school site flexibility and control over resources, with accountability for results, will improve performance. Likewise, smaller schools and personalized learning environments facilitate better decision-making and learning.


A. Continue to implement more equitable and transparent strategies for allocating and distributing resources to schools. Ensure 95 percent of resources remain at school sites. This will provide for greater flexibility, more capacity building at school sites and better tracking of costs.

      • Develop the capacity of school communities to make budgeting decisions based on data and instructional outcomes.


B. Continue to open and cultivate small schools through instructionally and financially feasible initiatives.


C. Integrate the various early care and education funding streams to leverage resources and improve performance

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