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L.A. Compact 4 Year Graduation Rate
Mutual accountability for student success is at the heart of the L.A. Compact’s commitment to collaboration. The partners utilize data to better understand challenges and opportunities in achieving the Compact’s shared goals for high school graduation, college access and success, and career readiness.


In 2011, UNITE-LA and the L.A. Compact released a baseline Measures Report to track progress on cradle-to-career indicators of student success relevant to the Compact’s three big goals. In 2014, UNITE-LA published an updated L.A. Compact Measures Report tracking four years of progress since the 2008-2009 school year.  The 2016 L.A. Compact Measures Report reflects continued progress toward L.A. Compact goals and improved student achievement outcomes.


High School Graduates with UC/CSU EligibilityWhat gets measured matters. By showcasing data across early childhood, K-12, higher education and workforce sectors, the L.A. Compact Measures Report seeks to promote a more comprehensive picture of student success in the Los Angeles Uni­fied School District (LAUSD) and L.A. County by tracking progress and outcomes toward meeting the L.A. Compact’s ambitious goals. 



Disconnected YouthNo single program or institution can single-handedly solve the complex, large scale education and workforce readiness challenges facing our region. Improving outcomes at scale requires the collective impact of a community of stakeholders; students, parents, educators, nonprofits, education and government agencies, business, philanthropic and labor leaders all play a critical role.



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