L.A. Compact Data Workgroup

Established:  2015 | Convened by:  UNITE-LA


The Data Workgroup will identify optimal, available progress and outcome indicators for high school graduation, college access and success, and career-readiness in order to track progress toward L.A. Compact goals and promote continuous system improvement that benefits youth in the L.A. region.  The Data Workgroup will provide data recommendations to the Compact Stewardship Group for consideration and approval.


The data landscape for the Compact has changed significantly, with some important indicators no longer readily available; new focus on early childhood measures; new K-12 assessments replacing CSTs;  postsecondary focus on employment outcomes; needed refinement of career pathways measures; the expansion of our attention to regional education outcomes beyond LAUSD; and other issues.  (See the Measures Planning Process document.) 


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