Equitable Credential Toolkit - A Roadmap for Your Community

UNITE-LA, in partnership with the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives Foundation (ACCEF) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), created an in-depth toolkit to serve as a roadmap to help communities get started in their own equitable credential work. Launching the equitable credential toolkit illustrates a key outcome of the $1.3 million Lumina Foundation grant.

UNITE-LA, ACCE Foundation and AACC received funding to bring together chambers of commerce, community colleges and community-based organizations to drive growth of credentialing and degree programs for BIPOC communities. Our team worked with seven communities to develop and drive the growth of credentialing and degree programs in their regions with the ultimate goal of placing low-income workers, particularly BIPOC workers, in well-paid jobs with opportunities for career advancement.

The toolkit guides leaders and their partners through four major areas: 1) Preparing for the work, 2) Convening partners and identifying goals, 3) Executing the plan, and 4) Sustaining the work. We encourage you to explore this resource and reach out to our team at UNITE-LA if you have any questions. If your community is ready to increase credential attainment in your community, applications are now open for the 2023 cohort.

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