In meeting our regional goals and objectives, five distinct sub-regions will be established throughout the county, composed of K-12 schools and districts, two- and four-year higher education institutions, local employers and community partners. Each sub-regional group will be tasked with designing and implementing collaborative initiatives and activities that support the overarching regional goals.


Sub-regions will jointly apply for funding to establish these initiatives through an RFP process launching in February 2023. The total amount of funding available will be up to $14 million. The process will bring together partners identified through an LOI survey, and the Regional Stewardship Group will support them in offering insights and assistance that produce the most comprehensive proposals. Each sub-region will be tasked with developing one (1) proposal.

RFP Technical Assistance (TA)


  • Intended to create and/or strengthen sub-regional collaborative planning, by providing consistent support and communication throughout the RFP development process.
  • The TA will be provided within four primary sessions that scaffold the development of a thoughtful, high-quality application from each of the five sub-regions.
  • Support will be tailored to build on sub-regional capacity to develop one proposal per sub-region.

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