L.A. Compact Team


UNITE-LA Convening Staff 

David Rattray
President & CEO, UNITE-LA 
L.A. Compact Role: David Rattray provides critical leadership and support to all of the workgroups leveraging his 20 years of experience across the cradle to career trajectory.
Ariana Oliva
Senior Manager, L.A. Compact
L.A. Compact Role: Ariana Oliva support to the L.A. Compact Stewardship Group and avances the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment initiative in partnership with First 5 LA.
Carrie Lemmon
Senior Director, Systems Change Strategy
L.A. Compact Role: Carrie Lemmon strategy development for the L.A. Compact, from early childhood to higher education and the workforce. She also co-convenes the L.A. Opportunity Youth Collaborative Foster Youth at Work initiative with Alliance for Children's Rights.
Adam Gottlieb
Associate Director, Postsecondary Initiatives
L.A. Compact Role: Adam Gottlieb supports the Institutions of Higher Education Collaborative, the Student Success Workgroup, and CSUN Connections,
Heddy Nam
Senior Director, Talent Development
L.A. Compact Role: Heddy Nam supports the work of the Workforce Systems Collaborative and Health Sector Collaborative.
AJ Lucas
Senior Coordinator, Workforce Development
L.A. Compact Role: AJ Lucas supports the Workforce Systems Collaborative and Health Sector Collaborative.
Sonia Campos-Rivera
Vice President, Policy and Public Affairs
L.A. Compact Role: Sonia Campos-Rivera supports the work of the Joint Advocacy Workgroup.
Humberto Estratalan
Director, Public Policy
L.A. Compact Role: Humberto Estratalan supports the Joint Advocacy Workgroup.
Lisa Catanzarite, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research & Evaluation
L.A. Compact Role: Lisa Catanzarite supports the work of the Data Workgroup.
Sanaz Sazegar
Manager, Research & Evaluation
L.A. Compact Role: Sanaz Sazegar supports the Los Angeles Educator Pathways Partnership.
Dinan Guan
Senior Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
L.A. Compact Role: Dinan Guan supports the Los Angeles Educator Pathways Partnership.
Bridget Netter
Vice President, Business Education Partnerships
L.A. Compact Role: Bridget Netter supports employer engagement strategy for the L.A. Compact
Claudine Battisti
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
L.A. Compact Role: Claudine Battisti supports the design and communication needs for the L.A. Compat
Geraldine Contreras-Jaimerena
Senior Manager, Business Education Partnerships
L.A. Compact Role: Geraldine Contreras supports STEAM initiatives for the L.A. Compact.

Constellation Conveners Staff

Lauri Collier
L.A. Opportunity Youth Collaborative Director
L.A. Compact Role: The Alliance for Children’s Rights convenes the Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative
Jessica Petrass
Senior Project Manager
L.A. Compact Role: John Burton Advocates for Youth convenes the Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative Foster Youth College Advancement Project

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