L.A. Compact Team


UNITE-LA Convening Staff in partnership with Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce (L.A. Area Chamber)

David Rattray
President, UNITE-LA 
LA Chamber Executive Vice President of Education and Workforce Development
L.A. Compact Role: David Rattray provides critical leadership and support to all of the workgroups leveraging his 20 years of experience across the cradle to career trajectory.
(213) 580-7515
Carrie Lemmon
L.A. Compact Director
L.A. Compact Role: Carrie Shapton supports all of the L.A. Compact workgroups, especially the Stewardship Group, the Opportunity Youth Collaborative, and the School Readiness Workgroup.
(213) 580-7591
Alma Salazar, Ed.D.
Senior Vice President, Education and Talent Development
L.A. Compact Role: Alma Salazar provides critical leadership and support to the Workforce Systems Collaborative.
(213) 580-7566
Sonia Campos-Rivera
Senior Director, Education Policy and Public Affairs
L.A. Compact Role: Sonia Campos-Rivera supports the work of the Joint Advocacy Workgroup.
(213) 580-7538
Lisa Catanzarite, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research and Evaluation
L.A. Compact Role: Lisa Catanzarite supports the work of the Data Workgroup.
(213) 580-7582
Bridget Netter
Director, Education and Workforce Development
L.A. Compact Role: Bridget Netter supports the work of the Business Collaborative Workgroup.
(213) 580-7576
Marwa Abdelghani
Coordinator, Education Communications
L.A. Compact Role: Marwa Abdelghani supports the communications work of the L.A. Compact, including the newsletter, social media and the website.
(213) 580-7528
Claudine Battisti
Director, Education Marketing and Communications
L.A. Compact Role: Claudine Battisti is the liaison with the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce marketing department on design and communication needs.
Julian Lucas
Coordinator, Talent Development
L.A. Compact Role: Julian Lucas supports the L.A. Workforce Systems Collaborative and Health Sector Collaborative.
Geraldine Contreras
Senior Manager, Business Education Partnerships
L.A. Compact Role: Geraldine Contreras supports the work of the L.A. Regional STEM Hub.
(213) 580-7553
Humberto Estratalan
Manager, Education Policy and Projects
L.A. Compact Role: Humberto Estratalan supports the Joint Advocacy Workgroup.
Dinan Guan
Coordinator, Research & Evaluation and Volunteers
L.A. Compact Role: Dinan Guan supports the Los Angeles Educator Pathways Partnership.
Heddy Nam
Director, Talent Development
L.A. Compact Role: Heddy Nam supports the work of the Workforce Systems Collaborative and Health Sector Collaborative.
Ariana Oliva
Manager, Early Childhood
L.A. Compact Role: Ariana Oliva supports the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.
Adam Gottlieb
Manager, Higher Education
L.A. Compact Role: Adam Gottlieb supports the Institutions of Higher Education Collaborative and the Student Success Workgroup.

Constellation Conveners Staff

Carol Chodroff
Opportunity Youth Director
L.A. Compact Role: The Alliance for Children’s Rights convenes the Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative
(213) 368-6010


Valerie Esquivel
Program Coordinator
L.A. Compact Role: The Alliance for Children’s Rights convenes the Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative
(213) 368-6010


Jennifer Cowan
Senior Program Officer, Community Investments
L.A. Compact Role: First 5 LA convenes the School Readiness Workgroup
(213) 482-7553


Diana Wiley
Program Manager
L.A. Compact Role: Families in Schools convenes the LA Grade Level Reading Campaign
(213) 201-3919

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