L.A. Compact Team


UNITE-LA Convening Staff


Alysia Bell
President, UNITE-LA
[email protected]


Carrie Lemmon
Senior Vice President, Systems Change Strategy
[email protected]


Adam Gottlieb
Director, Postsecondary Strategy & Policy
[email protected]


Jenny Vu
Director, Education Systems Strategy
[email protected]


Matthew M. Moor
Manager, Postsecondary Systems
[email protected]


Edgar Castillo
Senior Manager, Workforce Development Policy and Systems
[email protected]


Sonia Campos-Rivera
Vice President, Policy and Public Affairs
[email protected]


Humberto Manuel Estratalán
Director, Public Policy
[email protected]


Ajay Lucas
Senior Manager, Public Policy
[email protected]


Lisa Catanzarite, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research & Evaluation
[email protected]


Eric Iskowitz
Manager, Research & Evaluation
[email protected]


Ana Delgado
Analyst, Research & Evaluation
[email protected]


Dominique Williams
Senior Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
[email protected]


Claudine Battisti
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]


Jason Chau
Associate Director, Design and Marketing
[email protected]


Danielle Corpus
Manager, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]


Gerardo Cueto
Senior Coordinator, Design and Marketing
[email protected]


Constellation Conveners Staff


Lauri Collier
Alliance for Children's Rights
L.A. Opportunity Youth Collaborative Director
L.A. Compact Role: The Alliance for Children's Rights convenes the Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative.
[email protected]


Jessica Petrass
John Burton Advocates for Youth
Senior Project Manager
L.A. Compact Role: John Burton Advocates for Youth convenes the Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative Foster Youth College Advancement Project.
[email protected]