LA DEAL Launches New Plan: “Connecting Communities Countywide”

The Los Angeles Digital Equity Action League (LA DEAL) is leading a new initiative to change how households and businesses access the internet in the Los Angeles region. The initiative will support municipalities with building publicly-owned, open-access broadband to increase affordability and digital access in local communities.

LA DEAL, like many of UNITE-LA’s systems-change efforts, is providing community leaders with opportunities to invest in public broadband solutions. Underserved households and businesses cannot access affordable internet service, but through the LA DEAL initiative, both will benefit from a myriad of opportunities – including workforce development and educational advancement.

The initiative was developed using recommendations outlined in the Committee for Greater Los Angeles' Internet Action Team's – now the Angeleno Project’s Digital Equity Initiative – comprehensive policy blueprint, titled Connecting Communities Countywide. The visionary plan envisions a future where Los Angeles achieves universal broadband adoption by 2025.

LA DEAL is currently assembling a committee of elected officials, municipal staff and community to advocate on behalf of a robust public broadband network, posing solutions such as joint projects and applications for funding, shared information and assets, and community input, among other functions. The initiative aims to increase publicly-owned broadband networks and fosters a culture of collaboration and resource sharing among municipalities, setting a new standard for cross-collaborative partnership.

Affordable internet access isn't just about connectivity; it's about leveling the playing field and empowering communities to thrive. By investing in broadband infrastructure, we are investing in the future success, prosperity and well-being of Los Angeles' youth, families and communities.

For more information, please reach out to Madison Palmer, Senior Manager of Equity Initiatives, at [email protected].

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