L.A. Opportunity Youth Collaborative’s 2023 Impact Report

The L.A. Opportunity Youth Collaborative (OYC), co-convened by UNITE-LA, John Burton Advocates for Youth and the Alliance for Children's Rights, recently released its 2023 Impact report. The OYC builds cross-sector partnerships to improve education and employment outcomes for transition-age foster youth (TAY). The 2023 Impact Report highlights OYC's collective impact outcomes over the previous year, including noteworthy highlights from LAP3 and the OYC Foster Youth at Work Campaign:

  • LAP3 will reduce the number of opportunity youth in the Los Angeles region by 22 percent (32,000 youth) by 2028, a metric established by cross-sector OYC partners.
  • LAP3 held a Strategic Planning Convening with more than 80 public and private sector leaders, featuring a dedicated youth panel, composed of leaders with insights on how to better serve youth.
  • LAP3's Youth@Work campaign supported 755 youth referrals during the 2022-23 program year.
  • OYC partnered with the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) to update the Automated Referral System (ARS) directive, incorporating best practices for outreach and new strategies to effectively enroll foster youth in workforce opportunities.

UNITE-LA looks forward to building on the successes of the Foster Youth at Work campaign and LAP3 initiative throughout 2024. For more information, please reach out to Edgar Castillo, Senior Manager of Workforce Development Systems and Policy, at [email protected].

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