Launching a K-16 Collaborative for the County

The L.A. Compact is working with K-12, higher education and workforce stakeholders across L.A. County to design a regional application for the state's new CA K-16 Regional Collaborative opportunity. With an estimated award of $20 million over four years, the primary goal is to increase the number of graduates with postsecondary credentials/degrees in disciplines with middle- to high-income earning potential in order to address regional labor market needs. Click here for an overview of this opportunity for the L.A. region.

Over the last few months, L.A. Compact staff have been hard at work bringing together Compact signing institutions, school districts and offices, and relevant non-Compact partners from across the county to explore the goals associated with the opportunity. Thus far, we have engaged UCLA, five CSUs, more than a dozen community colleges, LAUSD and LACOE.

Though the state has not yet released this grant opportunity, the Compact stands ready to work with partners to submit a strong countywide application. The L.A. Compact has committed to serve as the convener of this collaborative for the duration of the grant, with strong support from sub-regional partners involved in the opportunity. We will continue to update Compact partners throughout the application process, and if chosen by the state, throughout the four-year grant period.

If you have questions about the opportunity, please contact Carrie Lemmon, Senior Director of Systems Change Strategy, [email protected].

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