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On April 30, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, in partnership with the L.A. Compact, launched COVID College Connect to support L.A.’s graduating high school class of 2020 in navigating their college options and addressing their enrollment concerns during these uncertain times. 

Check out the five-minute video of the mayor announcing COVID College Connect and read our latest update on the initiative from the Compact’s newsletter.

How you can help

Sign up to provide college guidance to Class of 2020 students: If you have professional experience in college advising or mentoring students and would like to help follow up with students in the L.A. region who have expressed concerns about attending college in the fall, fill out this volunteer form. We will provide a list of students who have consented to be contacted, a sample outreach script, FAQs and other college & financial aid resources.

Donate to the COVID College Response Scholarship Fund: UNITE-LA launched the COVID College Response Scholarship Fund to provide L.A. area students with the financial resources to say yes to their college dreams. Many college bound high school seniors have decided to put college on hold due to COVID-related hardships, but you can help change that. Your donation could make the difference between enrolling in college or staying home. Donate here.


For general inquiries, please contact Adam Gottlieb, Sr. Manager for Postsecondary Initiatives, at [email protected].

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