Transfer Success Initiative at CSU Dominguez Hills

Compact partner California State University, Dominguez Hills, with UNITE-LA support, is leading the way in transforming the transfer culture on campus and among feeder community colleges in the area. With funding from L.A.'s Postsecondary Funders Collaborative, CSUDH is developing a transfer hub to support students and providing emergency funding to ensure matriculation.

During the summer of 2021, Compact partner CSUDH was awarded funds by the Los Angeles Postsecondary Funders Collaborative through their Transfer Success LA initiative. The goal of the initiative is to connect local CSU campuses with feeder community colleges in an effort to streamline transfer related outcomes for students. Through this opportunity, CSUDH is partnering with five community colleges - El Camino College, Compton College and Compact partners: L.A. Harbor College, West L.A. College and L.A. Southwest College. Together, the collaborative is developing MOUs which will allow unprecedented student-level data sharing that ensures all eligible transfer students applying to CSUDH can easily access resources through the newly formed Transfer Hub on the CSUDH campus and online. The data validation also provides strategic partner, Edquity, with information on eligible students seeking emergency aid. Edquity is an intermediary responsible for distributing emergency cash grants through evidence-based emergency aid management software, based on criteria developed by this collaborative.

To date, more than $54,000 has been distributed to transfer students who have reported that these funds will enable them to complete their education at the community colleges and successfully matriculate to CSUDH, starting this Fall. Students are using these funds to help pay for: child care, food, housing, health, learning materials, safety and transportation. Learning materials, such as books and supplies and computer replacement/repairs, as well as transportation costs, were the most commonly awarded funds. Many applicants applied for funds in multiple categories, further illustrating that the cost of going to college is more than tuition and fees.

For more information on this initiative or to get in contact with CSUDH, please contact Postsecondary Initiatives Manager, Matt Moor at [email protected].

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