UCLA Recognizes Distinguished Alumni

Compact signing institution UCLA has produced hundreds of thousands of alumni who have become Nobel laureates; leaders of state, business, and education; community change-makers; and, of course, UNITE-LA staff. Each year, UCLA honors a select few of these alumni who go above and beyond to serve our community. This year, UCLA awarded two L.A. Compact signers, Dr. Debra Duardo and Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, for their careers supporting L.A. County residents.

Dr. Debra Duardo, the L.A. County Superintendent of Schools, was honored with the 2022 Public Service Award for her career championing equitable education for all students in the region. Graduating as a Bruin with a B.A. in 1994, an M.S.W. in 1996, and with an Ed.D. in 2013, Duardo has spent her career in the region, first with Compact signers LAUSD and now LACOE, prioritizing student success for those who have been underserved by the system. In her role, Dr. Duardo provides administrative vision and leadership to the county’s 80 school districts, including some of the largest in the state and nation. LACOE is a constant contributor to the L.A. Compact through membership on the Stewardship Group, Student Success Workgroup, and as an advisor on numerous initiatives including Community Schools and Postsecondary Transitions.

Sheila Kuehl, L.A. County Supervisor and Chair Pro Tem of the County Board of Supervisors, was honored with the 2022 Edward A Dickson Alum of the Year Award – the highest of UCLA alumni distinctions. Supervisor Kuehl was honored for her long career in public service, spanning the State Assembly, State Senate, and the LA County Board of Supervisors. A member of UCLA's 1962 undergraduate class, Supervisor Kuehl has spent her career serving the people of LA County by advancing their civil rights; protecting them against discrimination; and creating safe, clean and healthy communities for all to thrive in. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors contributes to the L.A. Compact through the Stewardship Group and as a constant advisor in policy and systems change efforts.

The L.A. Compact staff applauds UCLA for recognizing our Compact signers and congratulates Superintendent Duardo and Supervisor Kuehl on their well-deserved honors. Read about their awards here.

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