Workshop Highlights from this Summer's Community Schools Conferences

The start of summer was busy for community schools. UNITE-LA gathered with more than 4,500 participants at the 2023 National Community Schools and Family Engagement Conference in Philadelphia! Hosted by the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL), the convening offered learning and networking opportunities inspired by the theme "Spreading Love & Supporting All Children." Our main takeaway? Leaders from across the education ecosystem can effectively work together to support Community Schools if we focus on our shared value: caring for children.

The following week, UNITE-LA participated in the 2023 Community Schools EMPOWER Summit in San Francisco. During this convening, L.A. Unified School District presented "Linked Learning and Community Schools: Realizing the Potential," a breakout session highlighting Linked Learning and Community Schools. The session illustrated the success of the initiatives in connecting students to the world outside the classroom, creating a more authentic learning experience.

The State Transformational Assistance Center (S-TAC) hosted the summit for California Community Schools Partnership Program (CCSPP) grantees, educators and community partners, aiming to create a space to gather and participate in shared learning.

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