Cal Poly Pomona Serving Students in a Time of Uncertainty

Cal Poly Pomona (CPP), a member of the Student Success Workgroup, launched a virtual resource and information hub called Safer Returns: Our Plan for Fall 2020, to help returning students transition back to college and to help new students adjust to their new college environment in the middle of the pandemic. The hub outlines CPP’s plans for fall 2020 and the necessary changes on and off campus that students, parents, faculty, staff and visitors need to know about.

Student wellbeing, in the form of academic and social support, is paramount for CPP and as such has doubled down on its commitment to provide necessary resources for students. To make sure students have access to academic assistance, the Fall 2020 Virtual Advising and Academics Toolkit was developed as a resource hub for all students. This hub houses informational videos on topics like registration, viewing grades, Zoom etiquette and how-to sessions on using the school’s academic management system. It also offers an easy portal to schedule advising sessions or meet with academic personnel.

Over the course of this summer, CPP bolstered its laptop program, offering more devices to new and returning students who need to borrow necessary technologies for their academic journey. CPP also introduced a lease-to-own program, in which students can sign up to purchase their borrowed device over time, through small deductions from their financial aid throughout the time they are enrolled. 

Outside of the academic realm, CPP is offering a wide variety of assistance and resources in health and wellbeing, including counseling, living a healthy lifestyle, and healthy and virtual communication tips. To support students in engaging in safe social activities, CPP is working with student organizations, academic majors, and the student life office, to create virtual touchpoints around campus activities, giving students the opportunity to engage regularly, and connect with even more students and faculty than ever before.

To learn more about Cal Poly Pomona and the work they are doing to assure student success, check out 

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