Coming together to support children, students and working families

We are facing an unprecedented situation and it is moments like these when unity and compassion for one another is of upmost importance. The COVID-19 pandemic has had far reaching impacts on our students and their families, as well as our economy. We have seen how it has particularly hit working families the hardest. Now more than ever, it is important for all of us to step up. 

Even though the pandemic is having significant impact in each of your organizations, many of you have responded to help our children and families and our workforce stay healthy and strong. Please read below to learn more about how some of the L.A. Compact partners are responding to COVID-19.  

While we must certainly address the immediate challenges brought on by this pandemic, we must also not lose sight of our collective goals. The work of the L.A. Compact will keep moving forward, although our collaboration might look and feel a little differentFor everyone’s safetyUNITE-LA staff will be working remotely, and workgroup meetings will be going virtual. UNITE-LA is here to support partners as they navigate through and respond to education and workforce challenges caused by the virus.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that we all need to take proactive steps to design solutions that will help our systems work better for our children and families, especially in times of crisis. Like many of you, we have asked ourselves what more can we do. In the next few days, I invite you to share with us your ideas on how we can collectively move forward to address this challenge. 

Thank you for your leadership and commitment to L.A. County’s children, youth and their families and our workforce. We stand with you through these challenging times and will continue to identify ways in which we can build upon each other’s efforts. We are going to get through this together. 

Thank you, 

Carrie Lemmon 

Senior Director, The L.A. Compact  


Our thanks go out to L.A. Compact partners who are responding with innovative strategies to support children, students, and working families in this unprecedented time. 

  • LAUSD has opened 60 Grab & Go Food Centers to ensure all students have access to healthy and nutritious foods while schools are closed. 
  • Mayor Garcetti is hosting daily press conferences at 5:15 pm to provide ongoing updates and has set up a fund to support the City’s response to COVID-19. Stay tuned for the launch of an online job portal that could benefit currently displaced workers. 
  • The Los Angeles County Office for the Advancement of Early Care and Education is convening early childhood partners to find a childcare solution for parents who can’t take time off work. 
  • First 5 LA has made available a resource page for parents and early care and education providers to help them navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • The Alliance for Children’s Rights, convener of the L.A. Opportunity Youth Collaborative, has compiled a list oresources to help foster youth and caregivers impacted by the pandemic. 
  • John Burton Advocates for Youth is also ensuring that foster youth, homeless youth and other vulnerable populations have access to technology, such as free laptops and internet, to continue with their online education. They also have a running list of available resources for K-12 and college students. 
  • Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce is providing small to mid-size businesses with resources on how to protect their employees and bottom line. 
  • The Health Sector Collaborative is exploring ways to bolster the health care workforce to ensure sufficient staffing to respond to the pandemic. 
  • The L.A. Workforce Systems Collaborative will be discussing the economic impact of COVID-19 on various sectors, rapid re-employment strategies, and the impact on workforce development programs and services. 
  • LACOE is holding daily teleconferences with the County’s 80 superintendents to provide guidance and to assess common needs, especially on building the capacity of schools to move to online learning platforms and the ability of teachers to effectively engage in virtual instruction. 
  • United Way of Greater Los Angeles launched the Pandemic Relief Fund to support the county’s unsheltered residents and low-income individuals, students and families at risk of homelessness due to hardships caused by the coronavirus. 
  • Although all 86 county library branches are closed, residents will have access to the L.A. County Library’s digital resources. Residents can sign up here for a temporary digital card. Plus, due dates for checkout materials have been extended. Don’t worry about late fees! 
  • Lastly, checkout the UCsCSUs and California Community Colleges websites for continuous updates for students and faculty. 

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