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L.A. Compact Recommitment Announced by Partners

LOS ANGELES – Today, leading education, government, business and labor, and civic organizations in Los Angeles have signed onto the new L.A. Compact agreement.

The L.A. Compact is a bold effort to address gaps and opportunities that exist in our education and workforce development systems, and the list of Compact partners is impressive in its breadth. Leaders in L.A. County are committed to continuing and intensifying their collaboration to improve lives from cradle through career.

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Improving Equitable Employment Outcomes for Transition-Age Foster Youth in L.A. County

oyc_study_image.jpgIn July, the L.A. Compact, convened by UNITE-LA, together with the L.A. Opportunity Youth Collaborative, released a case study detailing its efforts to connect foster youth to public workforce programs in L.A. County using a shared referral process across agencies. This brief describes the development and implementation of a process to coordinate and streamline foster youth referrals to workforce programs and includes specific recommendations for process improvement based on feedback from both network partners and foster youth themselves.

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L.A. Compact Study Shows Need for Continued Cooperation in Education

By Ed Coghlan

The Los Angeles economy has a problem.

Employers need more workers with bachelor's degrees—and the pipeline isn't nearly full enough. "It is imperative we do better," said UNITE-LA President & CEO David Rattray. "Not only do more college graduates improve individual job prospects, they also can bridge the equity gap that persists in L.A. County, where thousands of families have never had a family member even attend college much less graduate."

This is exactly the type of problem that the L.A. Compact was formed to address. The L.A. Compact, which UNITE-LA convenes, brings together leaders from early childhood, K12, higher education, government, and the labor and business sectors in the region to close the education and workforce gaps caused by system inequities and racism.

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Collective Action for Racial Justice

Press Release: Announcing COVID College Connect



May 5, 2020                   


Claudine Battisti  

[email protected]                                                  


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L.A. Compact Partners - COVID-19 Responses

The coronavirus is affecting millions of people in unimaginable ways, including loss of work, lack of food supplies and loss of health benefits. So many of our partner organizations across L.A. County are working hard to support students and families affected by the pandemic, especially the most vulnerable. Here’s a snapshot of what our partners are doing on the ground.

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Important News about UNITE-LA and the L.A. Compact

Coming together to support children, students and working families

40 Under 40 Honors Juana Hernandez


40under40.jpegCongratulations to Juana Hernandez as she is honored for her work leading higher education initiatives through the L.A. Compact


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You've Got Mail!

College Promise Letter


Mayor Garcetti, LAUSD & LACCD collaborate to send graduating high school seniors joint L.A. College Promise Welcome Letter

As graduation approaches, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) graduating high school seniors are receiving a sweet surprise in their mailboxes this week. 

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