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Paving the path for upward socioeconomic mobility

The CSUN Connections program flourished in 2019 as it helped in the streamlining of student-centered institutional policies at each participant institution. A partnership among Cal State Northridge, L.A. Mission College, L.A. Pierce College, and L.A. Valley College, the program is designed to re-engage stopped out students and create a pathway toward an associate degree and an eventual bachelor’s degree. It helped develop beneficial enrollment policies and student support services on each campus. The communication of these benefits by on-campus advisors has led to a steady increase of interest and engagement from stopped-out students. To date, over 40 students have claimed degrees; over 20 students have enrolled in a degree program; and over 100 students are in the process of applying to an institution or working with advisors to create an academic plan.

CSUN Connections has also received statewide recognition. The work was featured in a California Competes Higher Ed Chat and was also the topic of discussion at presentations in Los Angeles and Sacramento. These presentations have allowed campus partners and UNITE-LA to discuss planning and implementation, highlighting the collaborative work of the L.A. Compact and its impact on the region. As a steward of transfer policy in Los Angeles, CSUN Connections has helped to usher in a wave of student-centered programs across the state. 

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