The K-16 Collaborative

Since Mid-February, L.A. Compact staff, also serving as regional conveners of the L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative, have been bringing stakeholders together from across the county to disperse $13.9 million in funds. The L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative builds on the work and partnership of the L.A. Compact, formed to eliminate enrollment and completion disparities for BIPOC students in health care, computer science and engineering pathways.

L.A. Compact staff have immersed representatives from K-12, community colleges, CSUs, UCs, workforce partners and nonprofits on collective impact, focusing on the role of collaboration as a tool for analysis, goal setting and intervention development. Engagement will continue through May, developing a network of strong sub-regional collectives. Collectives will work to strengthen transitions between K-12, higher education and the workforce for students in geographic hubs across the county.

This process is a milestone in a four-year state funded opportunity to provide students with opportunities to achieve greater economic mobility through education and workforce development programming.

For more information, please reach out to Adam Gottlieb, director of Postsecondary Strategy & Policy, at [email protected].

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