Using Social Media to Get Students to Think About College

Since September 2020, the L.A. Compact’s Let’s Go to College L.A. initiative has offered resources and insights to college students navigating virtual education. To support this effort, Let’s Go to College L.A. launched a Student Ambassador program to offer near peer support at institutions across L.A. County. Students from the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), Long Beach City College as well as CSUs Northridge, Los Angeles, and Long Beach are participating in the six month internship program.

Student ambassadors speak to their own experiences during college and share resources through their own social media accounts on a wide range of topics, including mental health, financial support, application and deadline support, and information about community programs like the L.A. College Promise and L.A. Cash for College. Ambassadors have also provided a student voice in a number of webinars and media opportunities. For instance, L.A. Cash for College, which moved online this year and expanded its programming, often utilized ambassadors in their programming to give aspiring college students an idea of what current college students are doing to manage their academics, social lives, finances and mental health. Ambassadors have also joined statewide presentations to discuss their experiences in programs like the L.A. College Promise.

Recent examples of social media posts made by the ambassadors include:




To check out more, be sure to follow L.A. Cash for College’s Instagram account @lacash4college, which regularly shares ambassador content and helpful student resources. 

To learn more about Let’s go to College L.A. or the ambassador program, please contact Adam Gottlieb, Associate Director of Postsecondary Initiatives, at [email protected].

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