LAUSD Grad Rates Surge

LAUSD Graduation Rate GraphLAUSD Graduation Surges Despite Increased Requirements


In 2016, LAUSD achieved its largest one-year increase in high school graduation - five percentage points - to 77%.  (See Figure 1 below)


This impressive jump occurred despite more rigorous requirements in 2016 that graduates complete all courses in the A-G college preparatory curriculum with a passing grade (at least a D).  At the same time, the share of graduates earning a C or better in these courses also grew (shown further on in Figure 5).

Figure 1:  Graduation Rates 2010-2016

LAUSD is also starting to narrow the gap for students of color, who make up the vast majority of the district and whose success will drive the region in coming years.  The graduation rate for Black students increased seven percentage points to 73% and Latino students increased six percentage points to 77%.

Figure 2:  Four-Year Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity

Along with the graduation gains, LAUSD made good progress curbing dropouts.  The high school dropout rate dipped to 14% in 2016, following three years of stagnation at 17%.

Figure 3:  Four-Year Cohort Dropout Rate

As with graduation, the racial/ethnic gap in the dropout rate narrowed.  Black students made the greatest improvement (from 22% to 17%), followed by Latinos (17% to 14%).

Figure 4:  Four-Year Dropout Rate by Race/Ethnicity

Further, the share of students eligible for entry to the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems continued to grow - by three percentage points - to 55% in 2016.  LAUSD widened its lead and maintained its three-year trend of outperforming the county and state in CSU/UC eligibility (50% and 45%, respectively).

Figure 5:  High School Graduates with UC/CSU Eligibility

The L.A. Compact commends LAUSD's educators, families, and students for their vision, hard work and inspiring progress toward our joint goal of universal graduation.  The district's new goal of reaching 100% graduation includes a focused and proactive strategy to improve student outcomes through student and family engagement, supporting college and career readiness, and high quality and effective learning environments.  The impressive recent improvements in graduation and college preparedness among LAUSD students are cause for excitement and optimism.  Our region's economic vitality and trajectory are inextricably tied to the success of all young Angelenos, and we look forward to working together for continued progress!


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