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Coming together to support children, students and working families

40 Under 40 Honors Juana Hernandez


40under40.jpegCongratulations to Juana Hernandez as she is honored for her work leading higher education initiatives through the L.A. Compact


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You've Got Mail!

College Promise Letter


Mayor Garcetti, LAUSD & LACCD collaborate to send graduating high school seniors joint L.A. College Promise Welcome Letter

As graduation approaches, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) graduating high school seniors are receiving a sweet surprise in their mailboxes this week. 

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LAUSD Grad Rates Surge

LAUSD Graduation Rate GraphLAUSD Graduation Surges Despite Increased Requirements


In 2016, LAUSD achieved its largest one-year increase in high school graduation - five percentage points - to 77%.  (See Figure 1 below)


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L.A. Compact Signing Ceremony


L.A. Compact Signers

LAUSD and UTLA leadership enter into a bold partnership

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L.A.'s college Promise Kick-Off

1 Free year of Community College Promised to LAUSD Graduates



The L.A. College Promise officially kicked-off with a public celebration at Los Angeles City College on September 14, 2016 that featured Dr. Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States and Honorary Chair of President Obama’s national College Promise Campaign who stresses that the L.A. College Promise is not a “one-way street.”  She spoke directly to students in the audience and explained that if they benefit from the L.A. College Promise, they must also give back to their communities once they graduate.  

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My design specs for 21st Century L.A. Schools

By Charles Taylor Kerchner on September 15, 2016

excerpted below with link to full article

Charles Taylor Kerchner


What I call Learning about building a learning infrastructure that is available to every student, public or private, charter or district, extending the schoolhouse into the community and into the home.

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LAUSD & LACCD Executive Roundtable


Los Angeles K-12 and higher education leaders plan for collaboration around the L.A. College Promise and other joint college access priorities


On July 21, senior leaders from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) came together at the LAUSD-LACCD Executive Roundtable to discuss the L.A. College Promise and other shared priorities related to expanding college access for L.A. youth. Announced by Mayor Eric Garcetti in April during his annual State of the City address, the L.A. College Promise(Promise) is a landmark initiative that will provide one year of free community college tuition to LAUSD high school graduates who enroll at LACCD campuses, beginning with the Class of 2017. The Mayor’s Office has since established a committee of government, school district, community college, business, and philanthropic leaders to help develop and oversee the initiative.


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LAUSD Preschools Not At Full Capacity

Chronic Absence Equals Big Money

 Debra Duardo, Executive Director Student Health and Human Services

Reducing kindergarten chronic absence can help solve LAUSD's money problems


A recent article from LA School Report highlights that chronic absence costs the District $139 million annually.  Debra Duardo, Executive Director of Student Health and Human Services says, “Attendance is our strongest revenue generator–90 percent of the money generated in this district is based on the students coming to the school every single day.” 


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